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Angie Blue 
Artist Photographer Singer-songwriter

Songs from the heart and music for the soul.

Stay Embedded In  Nature
Music and Photography by Angie Blue.

Angie Blue is an Artist, Photographer, Singer-Songwriter born in 1965 in South London England.  Angie's Father was a singer from Kingston Jamaica  who had an impressive record collection.  Angie's favourite  singer as a child was Sam Cooke.  During her teens Angie was really into The Jam and The Clash, Bob Marley and so many more Punk Rock and Reggae Artists.  Angie's first songwriting success was in 1984 when she was asked to join a  band at school who  went on to win the London Regional  finals of the TSB Rock School Competition.  Same year Angie saw Billy Bragg play the GLC Jobs For a Change Festival at the Southbank.  This was the inspiration behind Angie's One Voice One Guitar Repertoire.  Angie plans to develop some of these songs into rock songs and record a live EP in collaboration with other musicians. Angie's song Stay was written in 1996 and BBC Introduced on September 29th and October 3rd in 2011.  Between 2012 and 2017 while studying for a Diploma in Photography at a London University, Angie dedicated many of her hours volunteering as a photographer in her community donating several hundred photographs to a number of Community Groups to help raise awareness including Friends of The Subway, Lives of Stanley Halls and Crystal Palace Overground Festival.  September 2023 marks the 10 year anniversary of the first Open House Event for the Crystal Palace Subway where Angie was invited to volunteer as In-House Photographer.

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