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Angie Blue 
Artist Photographer Singer-songwriter


"I find music is a kind of therapy, like writing, putting pen to paper as a form of poetry, there is a very real catharsis when I write a song. It is a journey that for me begins with a melody and then the rhythm of my six-string. Then sometimes come the chorus first and then the verse depending on where my lyrical mood has taken me. For me my music has the ability to turn many a darkness into light as I live and breathe another day."

One Day At A Time.jpeg

One Day At A Time

Angie Blue's classic 10 Track Debut Album was released on Bandcamp in August 2021.  Each track is a delicate and subdued emotional response to life's everyday sorrows and joys. Angie Blue describes her evocative voicings as 'The personal and the universal' reiterating that we must take life One Day At A Time.

Set Me Free.jpg

Set Me Free

The EP Set Me Free is a timeless expression of the yen for freedom. It begins with the question 'do you' Believe In Me and culminates in a declaration of freedom, in the final track Thru It All.

My Only Friend.jpg

My Only Friend

This EP explores the tender nature of relationships in the Title Track My Only Friend, It then explores the theme of fanaticism in Crazy, and unrequited love in the penultimate track Boy.  The final track acts as a transitional aid inviting harmonies, and themes of universal oneness.

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